INTERWINE CO Ltd was founded in 1998, by entrepreneur, Mr NGUYEN THE TIEN, who was one of the first to recognize the potential power and influence of supermarkets and off-trade wine market in Vietnam. This dynamic company has grown from a small team of people selling a few wines into a modern, thriving company employing a knowledgeable, energetic team of 80. In less than 10 years, INTERWINE CO Ltd has become one of the leaders of the Vietnamese’s off-trade wine market. This year has also seen the opening of many new routes to market for INTERWINE CO Ltd, as it explores opportunities in new sectors. In fact we have recently recruited a new team to concentrate, develop and lead Vietnamese’s Horeka (Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Corporate, Hospitality…) market under INTERWINE trading name.

What we do:

As an importer we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exclusive wines to the market at competitive, sustainable prices with meticulous service. In recruiting producers for INTERWINE portfolio our primary focus has been to travel and taste extensively and seek out new brands with the highest quality-to-value coefficient that respect Terroir and utilize progressive winemaking practices as well as modern marketing aesthetics. This has led to the discovery of exceptional products from France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, USA, Australia, New-Zealand and South-Africa. INTERWINE now sources wines from all the major wine-producing countries and is constantly investing in building its portfolio of brands, identifying any gaps. INTERWINE CO Ltd relationships with producers are long-standing and represent strong partnerships. INTERWINE Co Ltd has an open and honest relationship with its producers. People choose to do business with INTERWINE CO Ltd because of its professional but creative and flexible approach. We work hard to minimize currency fluctuations and maintain price stability to the market by locking in currency rates at favorable times. This strategy increases our purchasing power and ultimately allows the end consumer to enjoy our quality selections at reasonable prices no matter the country of origin.